Revival’s talented and diverse team provides a level of professionalism and service that is rarely found in the construction industry. Our thorough pre-construction process and proactive management systems focus on planning and communication, and our dedication to architecture and historical accuracy ensure that we understand not only “what” to do but also “why” we do it. This allows us to not only deliver on our promises but also to respond quickly and effectively to any unforeseen circumstances that might arise. Our dedicated team cares as much about the architecture it builds as it does about your experience working with us.

Wright Marshall

Wright’s love of historic architecture began as a boy riding his bike on the historic streets of Griffin, Georgia passing works by Neel Reid, Ivey & Crook, Jimmy Means, and other Georgia classicists.  Wright grew up working on projects with his father as well as collecting architecture books and drawing houses.  For Wright, construction is a perfect blend of his interests in architecture and history, and he thrives on the tangible reward that he gets from preserving historic homes. Wright is a graduate of Woodward Academy and Washington and Lee University.  He pursues his passions for architectural history and classical architecture by researching, writing, and lecturing on historic architecture.  Wright also serves on the boards of the Southeast Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Southern Architecture Foundation, and Cherokee Garden Library.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys and working on their 1920’s home in Brookwood Hills.


Wright Marshall, President
Steve McMillan, Estimator
Greg Orr, Estimator
Duncan Connelly, Production Staff
Anne-Michelle Cooley, Project Coordinator
Nick Cooley, Production Staff
Bobby Barber, Production Staff
John Bryant, Production Staff
Greg DeLoach, Production Staff
Zack Mountcastle, Production Staff
Rich Przytula, Production Staff
Lauren James, Office Manager and CSD Manager
Shelly Marshall, Human Resources Manager
Tanya Phillips, Financial Manager

Revival strives to respect the integrity, design, and unique qualities of the client’s home while also creating a project that reflects the client’s personality.

Wright Marshall